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My name is Dietrich Kirk and everyone but my mom, wife, and child call me “Deech.”  Deech is a nickname I picked up as a child that never really kicked in until when I went into youth ministry in 1993.  I have served youth ministries with as few as 5 youth and as many as 500.

Youth Ministry and Life is an opportunity for me to share some of the wisdom that I have gained through my mistakes and from others over the past 17 years.  I blog five times a week including one How2, one Training piece, one game, one lesson, and one hopefully thought provoking piece.   I hope that these will be helpful to you as you develop your ministry.  You can find a list of my top posts in the right column or click on a category to get a list of just those posts.

I would love to connect with you and support and learn from each other.  I hope you’ll subscribe to Youth Ministry and Life and if there is ever anything you would be interested in hearing my perspective on please let me know.   You can reach me at deech@cymt.org or you can find me on Twitter @ YMdeech or on Facebook.

In 2000, I joined the staff of Brentwood United Methodist Church as the Minster to Youth and Families.  In 2006, Mark DeVries and I  helped to found the Center for Youth Ministry Training (www.cymt.org) and I was named its first Executive Director.

The Center for Youth Ministry Training is a graduate level program that combines theological and practical learning with hands on experience in the local church.  You can now earn an MA in Youth Ministry while gaining valuable on the job training.  You can learn all about it at www.cymt.org.

I graduated from Lambuth University(’96) and Memphis Theological Seminary (’00).  I was ordained a deacon in the United Methodist church in 2003.

Jacob Fasig, Paul Bonner, and I co-authored a tiny little book called Now What? Next Steps in Your New Life with Christ (Abingdon Press). I also regularly write for Barefoot Ministries.  From 2005-2008, I served as a youth ministry consultant with Youth Ministry Architects. I take every opportunity I can to speak at youth minister training events and youth ministry events across the country.

My true joy is spending time with his wife Keeley, daughters Carlisle and Hallie, and dog Bear.

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