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Christianity is neither European or American! Powerful Video

This fall, CYMT students took Church History taught by Ben Conner.  An entire class of youth ministers taking church history would be a challenge.  I came away wishing I had taken Church History from Ben.  Being a youth minister himself and actively involved in Young Life’s Capernaum, Ben brought great creativity to the class.  But it would be on a whim at the end of the semester that he would switch form traditional paper reflections to a creative project in church history.

The project was to represent the spread of Christianity throughout the world with a focus on the fact that Christianity if now larger in Africa and Central and South America.  Our blue eyed, blond haired Christ was never an accurate portral but an adaption of Christ into our culture.

The project produced some incredible pieces of art and some funny and powerful videos.  I wanted to share this video from Trey Wince, young adult minister at First Presbyterian Church Nashville.  It is rare for a professor to come out of their chair and announce someone doesn’t have to do a final project, but that is what happened.  It is a very powerful piece and one that you might consider using with a high school confirmation class.

Christianity is growing!  Praise be to God!


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