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I’ve looked into Youth Ministry’s Future and …

Some days I really wish I had a crystal ball, because I’d really like to know what is coming down the pike and be prepare my ministry to respond to what things will look like in the future.

Some days I’m glad I don’t have a crystal ball, because I know some of the things I would see would be scary and I would have to decide whether to respond.  Sometimes blind courage is easier than informed courage.

But you know I really believe that the future of youth ministry is in our hands.  You can decide for yourself whether they are good hands, but God has entrusted us to lead our ministries into a future filled with unknowns.

I also believe that our work is essential to shaping the future we will experience.  Just like George McFly, our successes and failures will shape what the future of youth ministry looks like.

Yesterday and today, the CYMT and YMtoday staffs are trying to look into the crystal ball and predict what we should do in light of what we know today.  We are praying for you and ourselves as we prayerfully discern how God has uniquely called us to serve the needs of the youth ministry community.

I’d love for you to help me look into that ball.  If you could respond to any of these questions it would be helpful as we shape our future:

  • What kind of youth ministry education are you looking for?
  • In what form could use receive this education?  Web, distance, etc?
  • What do you really need from a youth ministry web site?  Resources? Educational Tools?  Community?
  • What sites do you currently visit that help you find these things?
  • What do you find most helpful?  What can you not find?
  • What do you dream about doing that you don’t have time to do?

Thanks for your help!  Please keep us in your prayers today!

  1. November 2, 2010 at 11:14 am

    Youth Ministry Education:
    You and I both know that education isn’t “needed” to participate in youth ministry. Sometimes it’s barely beneficial & – at worst – it keeps us rooted in methods we learned from an “expert” that don’t relate to the teens we’re working with. The best “education” would demystify the whole youth ministry endevour. Make something vast and overwhelming as reaching teens seem simple and doable by anyone is the best education.

    Form receiving the education:
    I’ve watched a youth pastor continually train and mentor a team of staff (some part-time, some volunteer) and they’ve ended up becoming full-time youth pastors at other churches. I’m one of the two full timers he’s developed in his current 4 year stint. So an apprenticeship is probably – in my experience – best.

    Youth Ministry Website:
    I need a website that is pushing the envelope, encouraging me & connecting me. Resources are great to free me up, but there are TONS of these. Connecting people is powerful.

    Site do I currently visit:
    Blogs do this well. For resources I use ROOM1228. Using that frees me and my volunteers up to spend relationship time with teens.

    Dream About Doing:
    Developing a Youth Ministry that is relevant for teens who aren’t “churched.”

    • November 2, 2010 at 8:57 pm


      Thanks for your input. The best education teaches us to think. You are right to participate in youth ministry we don’t need education. CYMT’s model is to develop great thinkers and doers. Doing youth ministry the way, we have the past two centuries has caused issues. Our program workers to develop important youth ministry skills and robust theological models for ministry. All of our students have a veteran youth minister who intently coaches (mentors) them over there first two years. We are looking for ways to extend this understanding of education to those who do not have access to it.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  1. November 2, 2010 at 7:57 pm

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