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Youth Ministry Game: Wax Paper Carpet Sliding

I have to admit I love this game and look for opportunities to play it at churches I visit.


One role of wax paper per 12 youth

A long hallway, gym, main aisle of the sanctuary (if you dare) that is carpeted with short carpet.


Tear  wax paper into 3ish foot length pieces.  Clean hallway or room of things student might run into during the relay.

How to Play

In this relay, students pair up in two’s.  The best pairs involve bigger students pushing smaller ones.  Divide into multiple teams as appropriate for the size of your group.  Give each pair a piece of wax paper 3ish feet long.  The smaller student sits on the piece of wax paper with their bottom and feet on the wax paper (with their knees to their chest.  The larger student pushes them to the other end of the room and back.  The next group goes when they return.

Another fun thing to do: Have a long slide contest.  Students push their partner to a certain line and then let them go.  The group whose slider goes the farthest wins.  Starting at the wall and going to the free throw line in a carpeted gym, I can push a small seventh grader hard enough that the bump into the opposite wall.  Not bragging, just giving you an idea about how far someone can slide.


Wax paper will rip and melt due to friction with the carpet.  When this happens, a student my get some carpet burn.  My advice is to have additional sheets ready and if they feel their butt burning at the halfway point switch wax paper.  Or simply play in the winter when folks are wearing jeans.  It doesn’t happen often but it does happen.

  1. October 31, 2012 at 5:09 pm

    This looks like a pretty fun game, except anyone playing is going to get rug burns. Seems like a hardwood gym floor would be more effective.

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