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Youth Ministry Game: Trash Can Relay Race

I must admit that a kid broke his arm on my first night at Brentwood UMC’s youth group playing this game, so pay attention to the warnings at the end.


One large trash can with wheels for every 12-20 students.  The ones with the multi-directional wheel platform are the best.  You know the ones that are in your church gym or fellowship hall.

Optional:  Helmets


Gather trashcans, remove bags, clean or spray with Lysol

How to Play

Each team should pair up by two’s.    One student climbs into the trash can.  The other student then pushes the trash can to the other end of the room.  Students then switch places.  When they return to their team, the next pair goes.


Groups need to be spread far enough apart so that students don’t try to tip over another groups trashcan.  Play this game in a open room like a gym or outside.  Racing 2 trash cans down a narrow hallway leads to broken arms.  I know this is shocking.  Have adults at both ends to help with students getting in and out of trashcans they can and will tip over.  Use helmets if you want!

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