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Youth Ministry Game: Cake Face

Here’s a simply game that is supposed to be messy only for those who volunteer.  It can be fun to play around Halloween.


Icing, Sprinkles, Candles, decorative icing

Optional: swim goggles

Clean up supplies including baby wipes


Have icing and decorative supplies divided up for groups or located in a central location where they can share.  Have clean up supplies on hand.

How to Play

Divide your group into teams of 4-6 with each group choosing one person to volunteer to get messy.  Give icing and access to plenty of cake decorating supplies.  Groups decorate their team members face like a cake.  Depending on your group you can decide whether the competition is best designed, fanciest, or scariest.


You may want to use swim goggles on each participant to protect their eyes.  Participants eyes should not be covered whether you use the goggles or not.  Also participants will need help removing icing so have supplies on hand to help with this.  Baby wipes are helpful for getting the final coating off the skin and hair.

Here’s a picture from a time we played on Halloween.  The students expanded the game to make costumes from the random supplies in the youth room.


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