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10 NYWC musts for Rookies and Vets Alike

On my way to San Diego and thought I would post my 10 NYWC must do’s :

10. Show up to the general sessions early so that you can hear the comedians. Laughing is essential to restoration!
9. Go to workshops that interest you. If after 8 minutes you are no longer interested find another one.
8. Go through the exhibit hall twice. 1st to gather all the information and then the 2nd time to talk to those you who interested you after looking at the information.
7. Go to a workshop by someone you’ve never heard of. They may not be as polished but I am convinced the best youth ministers are the ones we have never heard of.
6. Bring joy to the host city as only youth ministers can ie. act like a youth and have fun in an elevator or public place.
5. Do something you love at the convention or elsewhere? I love the concerts but not everyone else does.
4. Sleep in at least one day!
3. Let your heart Worship at the general sessions or at a special worship time!
2. Go to comedy night. Laughter makes the heart feel better!
1. Make friends with other youth workers and hang out with them one night!

I guess I really have 11: tell Tic and the staff thank you!

If u need to make a friend, twitter me at ymdeech I’ll be yours!

Serving Christ,

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  1. hank hilliard
    October 1, 2010 at 5:29 pm

    I like #7! There is nobody named Hank Hilliard doing a workshop on Monday morning in Nashville. Which is in conflict with # 4 since my workshop is at 8:30. (Sleep in another day!)
    Great list Deech. Hope you have fun. Mike is there, so I hope you guys catch each other. He’s hosting a reception Sat. night.

    • October 2, 2010 at 10:46 am

      If you tell them who they are then they have to go somewhere else. Sleep in another day. Hanks will be great!

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