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Why I’m going to YS

September 30, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Tomorrow morning I hoop a plane to the NYWC in San Diego.  As a 17 year vet, why am I going?  I’ve been asking myself the question today.  There are some obvious answers related to my current position as the Executive Director of the Center for Youth Ministry Training and YMtoday.com like

  • To network with other youth ministry leaders
  • To learn more about how our ministry can serve those in their first 4 years of ministry
  • To see good friends
  • To find new partners

I used to love going to YS because there was nothing better than being in a room with 5000 other people who love youth the why you love them, to be ministered to, to be cared for, to celebrate, to cry, to re-connect with the God I love.  I was reflecting with a friend about how YS has changed.  Not the layoffs and youthworks purchase, but how the YS community has changed.  We timed the change back to Yac’s death.  There are certainly other factors, but this was the beginning of the change.

I love Tic and have the YS staff in my prayers as they seek to reconstruct a fractured community.  Tons of reasons for why youth ministry conventions are challenging right now – church budgets are in a strangle hold, national youth ministry leadership is changing, and the answers aren’t coming easily.

So, why am I going to YS?  I will do the things on the list related to my job.  I will make time to rely on God’s presence and power.  I will listen with new ears for God’s voice.

BUT, I’m also interested to see how youth ministry is changing.  Change is in the wind and has been for a period of time.  Who will lead youth ministry into the next era of youth ministry?  YS and Group to a degree did an amazing job through the 90’s until 2003.  How can YMtoday and CYMT be a part of a new, continued, and future moment?  We’ll see!

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