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UMC Timeline

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A United Methodist Church Timeline including some Brentwood UMC History

  • John Wesley was born 1703
    John and Charles Wesley were 2 of 19 kids.  Their dad was a Pastor in the Church of England.  There mom was a huge influence in the faith and had a major impact on their decisions to lead a very disciplined spiritual life. John Wesley would become a pastor in the Church of England, as well.
  • Charles Wesley was born 1707
    Charles helped his brother found the Methodist movement.  He is best known for the hymn’s he wrote.  He wrote 6,000 hymns.  Some you might know are O’ for a Thousand Tongues, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, and Christ the Lord is Risen Today.
  • 1720’s Wesley’s go to Oxford and form “Holy Club”
    While at Oxford, Charles Wesley would got some of his friends together who wanted to take their spiritual life seriously and formed the “Holy Club.” Charles asked his brother John to be the leader.  They would discuss the “classic” theological writings and discussed the theological issues of the day.  They would create a series of disciplines including prayer, study, sacraments, and works of service and justice that would earn them the nickname “Methodists” because of their “method” for growing in their faith.
  • 1738 – John Wesley Heart Strangely Warmed
    Although John was a lived a very devote Christian life, he felt like something was missing in his life.  He began talking to all kinds of different groups looking for what was the missing piece.  While he was learning from the Moravians, he discovered that he was missing that personal assurance of faith.  He had been brought up believing in Christ, but had he ever put his own trust in Him?  At a gathering in London on Aldersgate Street, John would feel his “heart strangely warmed” as someone described Martin Luther’s explanation of the personal transformation that God works in someone’s life.
  • 1740 – Death  Methodist Societies and Classes Started
    John and Charles would work tirelessly forming Methodist societies where people could come to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and help each other grow in their faith.  The society (church) would come together to hear the Word preached and then would meet in classes of no more than 12 to study, pray, and hold each other accountable for growing in their faith. (Like our Small Groups!!)  Different from the Church of England, John and his friends (who he would ordain as pastors) would go out to where the people were.  John would preach at lunch breaks at factories, on tree stumps in the square, anywhere he could tell others about how God had changed his life.  John and the other pastors would not stay in one place but would ride on horse back from town to town preaching at the various societies and instructing the class leaders.
  • 1760 – 1st Methodist Society formed in New York City
    As people came to America, so did Methodist Societies.  A lady named Barbara Heck would form the first Methodist Society in America in New York City.  The Methodist movement would continue in America and soon John Wesley realized he needed someone to be in charge so…
  • 1784 – Christmas Conference
    Thomas Coke and Frances Asbury were ordained to be in charge of the Methodist movement in America.  At the Christmas Conference in Baltimore, the Methodist Episcopal Church was born.  Asbury would travel over 275,000 miles on horse back establishing churches in America “The New World.”  Asbury would even come to Brentwood, TN and preach at Liberty Methodist Church that is still here in Brentwood.  Asbury and Coke (whose combined names make up the name of the UMC bookstores – Cokesbury) would continue John’s emphasis on classes and small groups as well as prayer, study, and service.
  • 1851 – Brentwood Methodist Episcopal Church founded
    A small group of believers began meeting at someone’s house in Brentwood that would become Brentwood Methodist Church.  They would build their first church in 1871.  (BUMC is over 150 years old!)
  • 1939 – Methodist Church reunited
    The Methodist Episcopal Church was divided over slavery during the Civil War into the Methodist Protestant Church, the Methodist Episcopal Church, and the Methodist Episcopal Church South.  It was reunited under the name the Methodist Church.
  • 1946 – Evangelical Church and Church of the United Brethren in Christ unite forming Evangelical United Brethren Church.  Two smaller denominations that were “kissing cousin’s” of  the Methodist movement would join forces
  • 1968 – Methodist Church and Evangelical Untied Brethren Church unite to form the United Methodist Church  Most of the “kissing cousin’s” join forces under one banner the United Methodist Church.  The United Methodist Church is the 3rd largest denomination in the US behind Catholics and Baptists.
  • 2004 – New Youth Area open at BUMC – What will the future bring?
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