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10 Keys to Taking a Good Vacation

September 16, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

We are only two weeks into this dedicated blogging experiment and I’m headed out of town on vacation.  Whoohoo!  Boy do I/we need it.  Here’s a post to myself and everyone on how to take a GOOD vacation.

1. Forget about it! You can’t get it all done when you there so you certainly aren’t going to get it done while you are gone.

2. Remember your Humanity – In the grand scheme of things you are not that important and it’s not that important either!  They generally forget your lessons two weeks later anyway.

3. Do it before you leave! For the handful of things that are that important take care of them before you get in the car or see 4.

4. Trust others! Empower others to take care of it while you are gone.  They might just surprise you!

5. Auto-Respond – Tell them you are on vacationing that you will not be responding and who to contact while you are gone and don’t feel bad about it.  You are setting a good example!

6. TURN THEM OFF! You know what I’m talking about–your phone and laptop.  If you want to relax, escape, and unwind, then you have got to unplug.  I plan to go even so far as to turn off my email sync so that when I do have to use my phone I’m not tempted to check it!

7. HOLD HER/HIS HAND! Take walks with your spouse!


9. SLEEP IN! You’re behind!


I’ve set a couple of posts to automatically post next week.  Hope you enjoy them.  Hope you comment, but don’t expect to hear from me until September 25!

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