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Youth Ministry Game: Dunkin’ for Dookie

September 10, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

This week another one of my all time favorite youth ministry messy games – Dunkin’ for Dookie.  I need to send a shout out to Kris Konsowitz and Collierville UMC that introduced us to this game.  I should also acknowledge that this game helped spread the G1 virus to 650 of 800 people at a youth event causing mass vomiting and diarrhea.  Therefore, I have created a non-germ sharing version for your enjoyment.


Buckets, Toilet Bowl Seats, Apple Juice, and Miniature Baby Ruths or Twix, Dixie Cups, duck tape

Youth Ministry Game - Dunkin' for DookiePrep

Attach toilet bowl seats to the top of buckets  with duck tape.  Put 1/2 gallon to 1 gallon of apple juice in the buckets, add 12 miniature baby ruths or twix (dookie) to the buckets.

This is a relay game so you will want to prepare one dookie station for every 8ish youth.

How to Play

The game is simple break your students into relay teams.  Give each student a dixie sized cup.  Place your toilets 10 to 20 yards away.  One at a time students will run to the toilet open it and scoop out at least one piece of dookie and eat it.  After swallowing the dookie, they run back and the next person goes.


The original version of this game that I saw involved students sticking their heads in the toilets to get a piece of dookie like bobbing for apples.  Don’t do this!! Too many germs!!

I also recommend having a trash can near by for the students who can’t get past the visual image this game creates.  Twix with a little apple juice tastes good, but the visual image looks well like dookie.

Have fun!

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