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Almost Christian – 5 Ways to Help Families

Kenda Creasy Dean has written a wonderful response to the findings of the National Study on Youth and Religion (NSYR) in her latest book Almost Christian.
If you have not taken the time yet to read this book, it is a must read for youth ministers, pastors, and the church as we consider how we will pass on our faith to the next generation.  One of the projects the CYMT is working on are translations of Lilly research like the NSYR into practical tools.  We plan to release a parents study companion guide for Almost Christian in January.
Friday, CNN ran an article on Almost Christian. The article, titled “More teens becoming ‘fake’ Christians” is a great article.  By Saturday, it was the most read article, had been Facebook ‘liked’ by 22,000 people, and attracted more than 5,300 comments.
National Study on Youth and Religion – In a Nutshell
Although John Blake, the author of the article, uses typical mainstream media sensationalism to play on parents’ fears, the attention brought to this important work is invaluable.  Many youth ministers are not familiar with the NSYR, so CYMT and YMtoday have developed NSYR in a Nutshell to help youth workers understand the findings from this study.
5 Ways to Help Families
In Almost Christian, Dean shares five commonalities of NSYR study participants who had a deep faith.  Dean points to these commonalities as the keys to developing families and ministries that pass on the faith.  In simple terms,  we must:
  1. Develop a Christian Creed in our Youth
  2. Recognize Family as the Foundation of Faith
  3. Emphasize the Role of the Church and Friends for forming our Young people
  4. Nurture God’s call in our young people’s lives
  5. Speak hope into reality in our children’s lives

Because of the attention Almost Christian is receiving, CYMT and I will unpack some practical tools for empowering parents and youth ministries to address these keys over the coming week.  You’ll be able to find the tools here at my blog and on YMtoday.com.

Please help draw attention to this important work by sharing with others.  We hope you’ll use and share Andrew Zirschky’s NSYR in a Nutshell.

Help us learn together.  What is your response to the CNN article – More Teens becoming ‘Fake’ Christians?

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