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YM Think Tank 2010 Preview

The Center for Youth Ministry Training was blessed in 2008 to receive a grant from the Lilly Foundation to enhance our program, develop a youth ministry resource site (www.ymtoday.com), start a second campus, and to host an annual think tank where some of the leading practitioners and academic leaders in the field of youth ministry could gather and discuss.  We invited folks from the East Coast and West Coast from the North and the South and everywhere in-between to talk about how we could better educate and equip youth workers.

The immediate impact of the first two years of the Think Tank is the camaraderie of the participants.  New friendships have developed that will have a long term impact on youth ministry and the work of each individual and institution represented.  These new friendships creating new collaborative efforts as participants invite others to join in their individual efforts.

Long Term success of the Think Tank will be tied to developing new projects to accomplish the initiatives set forth by this group and by the group’s ability to draw the larger youth ministry community into the conversation.  We would anticipate several future grant proposals coming from this group as soon as the conversation continues.

2010 may be better described as a “Do Tank” as the clear outcome of 2009 was “let’s stop talking and get to work.”

The Think Tank is posed to move from reflection to action in 2010 as we seek to bring together individuals and institutions with a vested interest in three primary areas:

  • Formation of a Youth Ministry Foundation to provide funding and resources for the development of theological and practical education and training for youth workers.
  • Coaching/Mentoring program development that can be used in a variety of forms
  • Curriculum matrix and online tool to educate youth workers

Our “Do Tank” starts tomorrow.  Please keep the our group in your prayers as we prayerfully put into place actionable plans to help accomplish the Think Tanks dreams (may they be Godly dreams).

Here is a list of those who have been in collaboration with the CYMT in this process (folks in bold are coming in 2010):

Institute for Youth Ministry at Princeton Theological Seminary – Dayle Rounds and Channon Ross

Princeton Theolgical SeminaryKenda Creasy Dean and the Timothy Scholars

Timothy Scholars (YM PH.D Students) – Amanda Drury, Drew Dyson, Jason Santos, Stephen Cady, Blair Bertrand

Luther Theological Seminary – Andy Root and Terri Elton

Fuller Youth Institute – Kara Powell and Brad Griffin

Center for Youth Ministry TrainingDietrich “Deech” Kirk, Lesleigh Carmichael, Andrew Zirschky, Mindi Godfrey, and Will Penner

Youth Ministry ArchitectsMark DeVries and Sara Bailey

Truett Theological Seminary – Amy Jacober

Duke Youth Academy & Duke Divinity School – Fred Edie and Katherine Smith

Seattle Pacific University – Jeff Keuss

Memphis Theological Seminary – Virginia Lee

Garrett Theological Seminary – Reggie Blount

Northwest Nazarene UniversityMike Kipp

Youth Ministry InstituteSteve Schneeburger

Division on Young People – Hank Hilliard

Youth Ministry Guru’s – Jay Cousino, Lars Rood, Virzola Law, Mike King, Anne Taylor, Kathy Rexroad, and Jim Hancock

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