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Welcome Hallie Mae

Today, my daughter turns 3 weeks old.  Hallie Mae Kirk arrived on May 12 at 12:10 PM.  She weighed into the world at 7 lbs 5 oz and was 18.5 inches long (although I think the measurement was short – she was up to 20 inches at the doctor 2 weeks later).  We are calling her Hallie and yes we know that Hallie Mae rolls off the tongue. As all of you parents know, the first few weeks are a wild ride.

We are enjoying her first smiles, wide eyes, hiccups, and the unconditional love that God places in our hearts for our children.  I truly understand God better now that I’ve been a parent for 4 years.  I love watching Carlisle with Hallie and her pride at being a big sister.  I love watching Keeley with our girls.  I love coming home and saying “where are my girls!” and can already see into the future when they can all come great me at the door (or hide together as they like to do).

I am grateful for good doctors and nurses who took care of Keeley and Hallie while we were in the hospital.  And during this season of Easter, I stand in awe of God’s grace and what it means for me and I must thank Jesus Christ my Lord for making Hallie’s salvation possible.  I will love every minute of Hallie getting to know Him.

I love my girls!

Big Sister, Little Sister - I love that never ends!

Big Sister, Little Sister - I love that never ends!

For more on Hallie’s arrival visit Carlisle’s blog – www.carlisledrew.blogspot.com

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