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10 Year Anniversary at Brentwood UMC – Thanks!

Who chooses to start a job on April Fools Day? – A youth minister.  Today, I celebrated 10 years of ministry at Brentwood United Methodist Church.  A lot has happened in the ten years that I have been at BUMC.  I have served with 3 senior pastors (King, Olds, Wright).   I would love to list every volunteer who has invested themselves in the lives of the youth at Brentwood UMC, but I don’t think I have room.  I would estimate that during my tenure as the youth minister (6 of the 10 years) that probably in the neighborhood of 250-300 different adults gave of themselves to make the ministry possible.  Now the ministry has grown so much (way to go Travis, Trey, Lindsay, Regina, Allison, and Anne) that I would imagine that many folks help every year.  What an incredible ministry that is only possible because of all of these caring adults who are “volunteers” but truly are youth ministers.

I have been blessed to work with some of the greatest youth ministers and volunteers in the country:

Kelly Reedy – what a treasured gift you are as a friend and as a youth worker!

Paul Bonner – your energy, passion, and pastoral gifts helped to form the foundation of the ministry today.

Julie Caterton – beyond the call of duty, caring and serving our kids

Mark Acker – one of the best “youth ministers” I know who happens to minister and teach through music

Beth Teegarden – the most under appreciated staff person BUMC has ever had – thanks for helping us worship (Thanks to Bret for helping everything behind the scenes happen so we could have good worship!)

Betty Bright – she really wasn’t annoyed by the youth all those years, she really was one!

Patsy Wade – youth know you love them, because it shows!

Josh Vegors – would BUMC know more than 2 praise courses if you hadn’t come

Travis Garner – I told you that I would hand it over to you.  You are doing a great job.  Thanks for Friendship and Shared Passion!

Casey Webber – who listened at the Cafe

The Interns: Lisa Clarke (now Vegors – how did ya’ll get that by me), Jill Rosario, The Ice Skater Girl (whose name is falling me), Lauren Gaskill, Brain Marculier, and Lindsey Church (now Brooks).

James Wells – thanks for letting God lead you to new places and for continual learning how to inspire  praise and worship from our youth.

Keeley Kirk – who was never on staff, but is the best youth ministers wife in the country!

To the other spouses – Bret, Jim, Amy Bonner, Amy Wells, Chuck – for being a part of the youth ministry family!

I am grateful to Travis and his leadership that continues to take the youth ministry forward.  I am so thankful for the gifts and graces of the new team for Trey and Lindsay who help lead the way.  For Anne, who needs to realize that she should stay on the staff and design clothes on the side.  For Regina, who continues to seek how to pour into youth and teach them to dance (you can do both!).  For Allison, who does whatever she is asked.  May God continue to use and bless the staff and volunteers to inspire, lead, and serve the youth of BUMC and the Brentwood area!

I am grateful for Brentwood UMC’s willingness to support the Godly Vision of the Center for Youth Ministry Training.  Your faithfulness has impacted 32 churches, 32 youth ministers, and the lives of hundreds of students over the past four years.

But, I’m most grateful for the thousands of youth who have allowed me to be a big or small part of their lives as their journey of faith brought them to Brentwood UMC.  Thanks for inspiring, challenging, loving, and serving with me and everyone above.

Finally, a shout out to the other 10+ year staffers at BUMC:
Joyce Brown – we know we are always the first two cars in the parking lot!

Emma Tsai – thank you for your faithful service

Leslie Hotzfeld – How many different jobs have you had?  When are they just going to put you in charge?

Carla Barrious – one of the most humble people I know.

Mollie Johnson – I hope I was as faithful with your children in our youth program as you are with mine and everyone else’s in the dayschool.

Judy Coursey – thanks for getting the word out all of these years

Judy Norris – I know it has been over two stints, but thanks for loving our kids.

Tommy “Preacher” Hendricks – thanks for keeping it real and clean.

Patsy Wade – thanks for playing for all these years.

James Wells – for helping kids sing!

I think that is everyone.  I hope I didn’t leave anyone out!

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