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We need more Billy Jim’s – Scoutmaster for 75 Years

I want to take time today to thank God for Billy Jim Vaughn who died yesterday at 97 years young.  Billy Jim is perhaps the most amazing and influential person I have ever met.  Sadly, I did not know him well; but I was blessed to see his impact first hand.

Billy Jim has been the Scout Master of Troop 1 at Brentwood UMC since 1935 for the past 75 years.  As a youth minister who seeks to get mature Christian adults involved in teenagers lives, I will never underestimate the gift of Billy Jim Vaughn.

I remember going to my first Eagle Scout Ceremony at Troop 1 after coming to Brentwood.  I was astounded to see an 88 year old scout master and to watch the love an affection he had for the youth in his troop and the clear respect and admiration they had for him.  As he shared his scout masters minute (which was more like 10 minutes), the young men listened attentively as their scout master shared his wisdom.

For at least one of the families in our church, Billy Jim was the scoutmaster for 3 generations of boy scouts.  I attended Will Drumrights Eagle Scout ceremony, but did not realize that Billy Jim had also presided over his dad’s ceremony, and his grandfather’s, who is almost 80!

For 3 generations Billy Jim has been a faithful follower of the Boy Scout Law and Moto.  1000’s of Boy Scout’s have been impacted by his leadership.  I believe Troop 1 has had more Eagle Scouts than any other troop in the country under his leadership.  I’ll update this post with exactly how many, but I seem to remember at his 70th celebration someone telling me that they had invited back 200 former Eagle Scouts to celebrate.

We need more Billy Jim’s.  Billy Jim thank you for 3/4 of a century of backpacking, fishing, hiking, knot tying, and more importantly faithful investment in young men’s lives.  You made a difference!  Enjoy the adventures of heaven!

I also want to thank Richard Drumright who has been the Assitant Scout Master in 1976.  Richard that makes 33 years of faithfully serving alongside Billy Jim.  Billy Jim’s spirit of service lives in you and we are grateful for your impact too.  I stand in awe of your servant heart!

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