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Feed My Youth

The CYMT students are pondering the question, “why do I do youth ministry?” this week in our formation for ministry course.  So I will stop and reflect with them.

The question implies that I had a choice in doing youth ministry.  I suppose I did, but it would have required me to turn away from God’s call upon my life.  After going to college to study electrical engineering, I found myself interning at a local congregation working with 5-12 youth each week.  I was unaware of any call that God might place on my life and continued to pursue engineering.  Then God called at Lake Junaluska, North Carolina at a youth event in 1994.  I walked off the bridge where I heard God’s call and never looked back.

So, I do youth ministry because God called me.  God clearly has also gifted me and developed in me talents that allow me to engage youth with God’s grace.  God also has given me a heart for young people who are starting the journey of faith. 

Today, youth ministry looks different for me.  As the Executive Director of the CYMT, I spend a lot less time with youth.  I spend time with young youth directors encouraging their call and helping to equip them for ministry.  I meet with donors, seminaries, and other like minded individuals that know the best way to have a great crop is to have lots of good farmers.  So, I invest myself into future youth ministers and work with churches who have struggled to establish healthy youth ministries knowing that lots of good small youth ministries are better than one good big one.

Jesus, “Do you love me?”

Peter and Deech’s response, “Lord, you know that I love you.”

Jesus, “Feed my Sheep.”

I pray that my tilling, watering, and seed scattering produce fruit that feeds Jesus’ youth.  I pray for opportunites to sit and listen, to cry and to challenge, and to teach and be taught.  God use my life to feed your youth!

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