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I will give you Rest

On the 7th day God rested, do I?  The CYMT Formation question for this week is a haunting one.  Does Leviticus 25:1-7 call for a sabbatical year every 7th year?

Then Jesus lets his diciples gather grain on the sabbath and heals in direct respone to the Pharisees question about the sabbath.

I find Sabbath elusive, but I suspect this is my fault not God’s, work, or family.  I try to take a nap on Sunday afternoon and I give time and attention to my wife and daughter as I seek to find sabbath in their presence.  I try to leave my crackberry in another room so I’m not distracted by its buzzing, but I find myself checking it when I go through the room.  I struggle to let go and simply abide in the moments without hanging on to my responsibilites.  I often pretend the golf course is my sabbath, but it is often simply a place to go and think and the crackberry buzzes their too.

When I was directly responsible for the youth ministry, I might have argued that our youth group meeting was about responding to those who were suffering, but I know that most nights we did not.  Our laughter and play and worship and prayer  hopefully provided some sabbath for our youth.

“There is a depth of me that you desire.” So says the Lord.  I wonder if I could know that depth if I would let go and dwell in your presence.

Time as a commodity was an important image for me this week.  Juliet Schor pushed on something that I know – I have to much stuff and if I simply had less I would not have to work as hard and I could find rest.

A smaller mortage or no-mortage would mean that bills would provide little stress.  Little stress about money would mean more time for family, friends, and fun.  Could I afford to have a sabbatical year?

Schor’s comment about fast food that destroys us and the world simply to allow us to eat with one hand while we do something else.  America’s gift to the world is food that you don’t enjoy eating, so you can be overweight, and do more which really means having less life.

The song I would share with everyone that reminds me of my need for rest is Big Daddy Weave’s “Rest.”

My covenant will be difficult for me, b/c of my own lack of discipline.

15 Min in Focused Prayer

10 Min in Scriptural Reflection

1 Hr per week in reading and studying that will strengthen my journey.

4 hours in physcial exercise per week.

Look for an opportunity to engage a relationship through Harvast Hands ministry.

May God give me the grace to fulfill my covenant.


I even feel rushed to finish my reflections.  I need a nap.

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