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Making Paper Boats

This morning Carlisle wanted to make a paper boat.  She is 3 and we had never done it before; so I’m not sure how she knew there was such a thing as a paper boat.  10 Years ago, you would have called someone to find out how to make a paper boat or I would probably have asked her dayschool teacher.  Today…google it – over 9 million results for making paper boat.  Amazing!

I immediately saw one that looked similar to what I remember doing as a child, but was I ever wrong.  It was too complicated and I messed it up.  When our nanny arrived 15 minutes later, I still had not made a paper boat.  So I go home today prepared, wikihow.com hooked me up with the simply boats we made as kids.


My wife informed me that the best place to learn was from “Curious George gets a bike.”

I have been reading “Generation Me” the last few days (which we will be adding to YMbookstore.com soon). “Generation me” explores the generatoin we are raising now and those into their late twenty’s.  And since everything makes me wonder about youth ministry some way, I thought about the flood of information about making a paper boat and how made I was that I could not get the simply answer I wanted.

“Generation Me” talks about how the flood of information is impacting our kids, youth, and young adults.  I just wanted to make a boat and 9 million sites had an opionion about how to do that – some the same, some simply, others more complex.  Our youth want to encounter the Living God, but maybe the sheer number of results they receive when they ask delutes the simply truth that exists – God is alive.  The National Study on Youth and Religion points to a deluted faith among young people.

Maybe we need to teach them how to make a paper boat!

For a fun exercise, make paper boats as part of a lesson about Jesus and a boat.  I always find that allowing youth to be kids can be refreshing for their souls and help them to let down their guards which allows them to sit at the feet of Jesus.

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