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Monteagle Sunday School Assembly

My family just returned from Monteagle Sunday School Assembly where I served as the minister in residence for their youth week. What is a “Sunday School Assembly?” I though you would ask:

Lots of Walks

Lots of Walks

“…the Monteagle Sunday School Assembly was established in 1882 as a Chautauqua, a place where our members and guests gather in the summer for fellowship and for spiritual and intellectual growth.”

Located on the bluff of one of Tennessee’s plateus Monteagle is a community of homes and families many of which have been attending for 6 generations.  They have a summer platform for 8 weeks and many families come for the entire summer.  Others rent for a week or two.

It is an interesting mix of family fun, intellectual growth, and spiritual renewal.  Kids ride their bikes all over the property.  Adults walk and take golf carts, but cars rarely move.  Dogs have free run of the place.  Our poor dog was the only one on a lease.  They are everywhere – a dog came into the hymn sing and sat on the floor and two joined in the youth messy games.  One licked up lots of coke off the floor at shaving cream and cheetos!

It is a wonderful place because the pace is slow.  Play tennis, play games, do a puzzle, read a book, or my favorite take a nap on the porch swing.

I honestly wish Monteagle would regain some of its spiritual heritage.  I would like to see families coming to the evening prayers together as they have in prior generations.  But I also want to applaud slowing things down, eating together as a family and community, and 6 generations of family friends.  I have never experienced anything like it.

Here’s to Monteagle may you experience God’s spirit moving in the stillness …

To learn more visit: www.monteaglesundayschoolassembly.org

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  1. Leah Hayes
    April 13, 2010 at 12:26 pm

    Deeeeeeeeech!!!!! U make my life. Please come back to the mountain!

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