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Cougars – A Class all their Own

On August 2, 2009, the Center for Youth Ministry Training will commission its second class of students to the work of youth ministry.  I am proud to say that they are a “class all their own.”

I am learning that every class will have its own personality.  The “Inaugurals”  were definitely the first borns and CYMT will be greatly indepted to them. As we struggled to figure out how to distinguish the two classes.  The “inaugurals” choose a name and then Daniel McGarry the lead cougar said we are the “cougars” and they all growled.

Although not the most spiritual of names, it fits.  They are a pack.  They are some of the closest of friends and the five who will graduate have been through a lot together.  Whether making good decisions or bad, they did it together.  They have been loyal to each other and created friendships that will last and hopefully sustain them in ministry.

They are brave and bold.  They have an inner strength that comes from their faith and a confidence that comes from knowing that they are a small player in God’s larger scheme, but that is ok as they know the larger scheme is better.

Cougars_dinner_(3)CYMT will miss them.  They know how to laugh and love.  God will do great things through their ministry.  Hears to Joey, Jon, Joel, Daniel, and Steph … may God fill you with grace and may you live the journey!

The Center for Youth Ministry Training is a two year graduate level program that combines practical hands on training with theological studies.  Visit us at www.cymt.org

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