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Essential Components to Youth Ministry Training

If youth minsters could design their own training program what would they want to learn and how would they want to learn it? This is something that the Center for Youth Ministry Training continues to look at especially in light of the fact that around 80% of those serving full time in youth ministry in the mainline church have no youth ministry training. Here are some components that we have observed that are extraordinarily helpful in developing yourself as a youth minister:

1. Practice – get an internship or a job because much of what you need to know can only be learned while practicing.
2. Learn from Others – internships where you can learn under someone are ideal, but if you are working on your own be sure to get a youth ministry mentor or coach who has been doing it for at least 8 years who you can learn from.
3. Knowledge – there is a set of knowledge that is helpful as you work with teenagers unfortunately there are not many books that contain all of this knowledge or even youth ministry educational programs. Youth ministers need three types of knowledge – theology – youth ministry theology and Christian Theology, practice – practical skills like teaching, budgeting, and leadership, and Biblical knowledge (so you know what you are teaching).
4. Peer learning and support – which combined with a coach is the top indicators to whether someone will make it for the long haul. You must be in conversation with other youth workers so that you can find the sustaining power to continue down this journey.
5. Spiritual health – you can give what you don’t have.

We are actively in discussion with others about how we can get the knowledge information and create networks so that you can receive the training you need.

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